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7 Reasons to Move to Charlotte NC [And Why I Did] - Video

Posted By: Roger Holloway In: Relocation
Date: Thu, May 23rd 2019 10:33 am

Find out why moving to Charlotte NC from New York, the Midwest, or the West Coast is a good idea! So, if you're looking for Pros and Cons and whether relocating to Charlotte NC is right for you, check this out. In this YouTube video from the Charlotte Chamber, you'll see why not only people are moving to the Charlotte NC - Fort Mill SC area, but also why companies are being attracted to our area.

Economic Development in Charlotte, North Carolina

ONE - Some people who are considering moving to Charlotte are asking the question, "Charlotte vs. Atlanta? Which is better for relocation from NY?" Answer. Charlotte IS the new Atlanta! I know, because I relocated to the Carolinas in 2008.

TWO - Tired of traffic? Choose Charlotte over Atlanta. Sure, we're becoming more congested and new toll roads seem to be popping up, but compared to Atlanta? Come and see.

THREE - Tired of high taxes? Choose Charlotte over New York. The calls I get from NY and NJ, with folks complaining about their high real estate taxes is amazing.

FOUR - Tired of snow? Choose Charlotte over Indiana. If you want four seasons without the snow, Charlotte wins over the Midwest, for sure.

FIVE - I grew up in Indianapolis IN, a great Midwestern city. But I always wondered if I would be stuck there all my life. And think about it - I did not make my move South until age 58! So, you want to talk about re-arranging your life and world? I had the opportunity to start over in a southern state (SC, then NC), and then to re-invent myself as a YouTube Creator / REALTOR®.

SIX - Attracting companies to the Queen City of Charlotte and attracting a great workforce. Let's face it. Location is everything. And Charlotte is close to the Mountains (Asheville NC) and close to the Beach (Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Wrightsville). Charlotte is the best place to live and work. Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

SEVEN - As a new construction REALTOR®, specializing in helping people moving to Charlotte NC and Fort Mill SC from NY, NJ, the Midwest, and the West Coast, we'll get to know each other when you visit. Coupled with your own research about the pros and cons, I will equip you with all the info you'll need to make an educated decision about moving South to the greater Charlotte area. But it will be your heart, not so much your head, which will answer the question, "Should I move to Charlotte?".

Relocation can be a challenge, but I make relocating to Charlotte easy, so Call or Text 704-345-3400 if you're moving to Charlotte NC and let me help you!