7 Things TO DO When You Own a Three Story Home in Charlotte NC - Video

Three Story Home from EASTWOOD HOMES in greater Charlotte NC

1- UNWIND with your family after crowding into an apartment these past years. Unwind, I say, but first unpack!

2- LEVEL THREE ~ Put the best-behaved kid on the 3rd level. Why not reward good behavior and good grades? Plus, maybe they'll come back after college and pay rent!!

3- DEFINE whose space is whose. For instance, the Loft area is for...what? TV? Games? Chill? Homework.

4- EAT A MEAL TOGETHER every day. The family that eats together defines the odds of 2018 living. You do this on the Main level of your home - you know, the one with the Kitchen!

5- BRAG to your friends about your real estate agent, who at no expense to you, helped you locate an awesome value in new construction from Eastwood Homes.

6- SHARE this video tour of the CYPRESS III plan from Eastwood Homes and tell them to Call-Text 704-345-3400 to see how they can get one. That's the number of your REALTOR®; see point 5.

7- WATCH THE PANTHERS on the main screen in the Great Room (right across from the Kitchen, where the food is!).

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