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When it comes to organizing relocation, many people wonder if they can manage to do everything on time. Very often, relocations happen in a hurry and with a lot of stress. The most common reasons are the lack of time, organization, and finances. Wrong techniques lead to additional problems, and people become stressed, often injured, and financially crippled. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid all these problems and deal with the challenges of moving your household in the best possible ways. Let’s discuss the main steps for relocating to Charlotte, NC, which will lead you to your new home without losing your sanity.

The First Step: Stop Panicking and Begin the Planning

The biggest issues happen when you're overwhelmed by fear and confusion. That’s why you need to be ahead of your problems by planning and organizing everything right. Even though the moving process can be intimidating, stop panicking, and start making plans as soon as you find out about your move. There’s a lot to do, so wasting any time will only result in problems and challenges. Begin with putting all of your tasks on paper to estimate the necessary time and budget. This is particularly useful if leaving your home state, and there's even more to do. You can organize these tasks in a timeline, so you can track the progress and tick off the points you finish.

Schedule the Moving Day

One of the main steps for relocating to Charlotte, NC, is scheduling your moving day. Pick the date according to your work schedule, availability of the new home, and the moving team. Here you can reduce your moving costs and pick a more affordable moving date – be flexible and try to move off-season. However, it would be best if you always focused on quality.

Remember: Moving off-season is a way to save some money. However, this often means you would need to move during winter, which can make things more complicated. However, with the help of an experienced moving team, extra protection for your items, and warm, layered clothes, you can manage a winter move without any problem. Just be careful and protect yourself to ensure safe relocation.

Create a Budget

Unexpected moving costs are one of the top causes of stress. Even though it doesn’t seem that way, relocations can get expensive if you’re not careful enough. First of all, compare the quotes of at least two or three moving companies so that you can get the best deal. Tell your moving company about the exact number of items you’re moving to get a precise quote. Also, don’t forget to mention any special, fragile items that require special treatment, since these often cost more. Be detailed about your inventory list so that you can plan your budget carefully. Furthermore, don’t overlook the travel costs, rent and deposits, and all the other expenses that belong to the moving process.

Bonus tip: creating the inventory list is very useful in many ways. It can help you find specific items and serve as proof for the moving company in case items get damaged during transport. Apart from writing the list down, we recommend taking photos of your items and creating a dedicated gallery on your phone.

Lean Into the Urge to Purge

It's common that households often pile up items families don't use or need any longer. When relocating to Charlotte, NC, you should know that less is more. Therefore, before you start contacting companies like Spyder Moving, collecting quotes, and booking your move, you should commit to some serious decluttering. Downsizing your home means you’ll have fewer items to pack, spend less on moving supplies, and also reduce your moving costs. Get rid of the items you no longer use and damaged items, old furniture, outgrown and old-fashioned clothes, etc. You can recycle some of these things, donate them or sell the items online or in a garage sale. This way, you can even make some money to use for your moving budget.

Gather Moving Supplies

After you sort out your home, you can estimate how much moving material you’ll need. To pack quickly and efficiently, you need to have all the necessary tools and supplies. This way, you can finish everything in one take, without going to the store multiple times. Get enough moving boxes, packing paper, and other protection, tape, scissors, and markers for labeling. To save some money, use the items you already have in your home instead of moving boxes – suitcases, tote bags, plastic garbage bags, laundry baskets, etc. It's okay to find already used boxes – but make sure they are in good condition.

Take Measurements

If you're moving to a less spacious home, it's crucial to take all the necessary measurements of your new home and the items you're taking with you to see if they can fit. This will ensure movers can bring the items without damaging them and causing additional problems. Also, to see if your things can go through hallways, up the stairs, and arrive safely at your new Charlotte home, take measurements of these, too.

Say Yes to Update the Address

One of the key steps for relocating is officially making this city your new home. Be sure to update your address for mail, bills, deliveries, and subscriptions. Contact the utility company and inform them about the changes. Setting up your new home this way will ensure a fresh, new start as soon as you arrive.

Get to Know the City Before Relocating to Charlotte

The adaptation period will be much easier if you do some research about your new city. When relocating to Charlotte, NC, find out more about the place and its neighborhoods, commute options, local grocery shops, restaurants, and pharmacies. This will help you prepare for the first couple of days and make them a lot easier. Do some research on social networks, too, and find out what the popular people and spots in this lovely city are. And with this last step – you’re all set for a new adventure!

This blog post on "8 Steps For Relocating To Charlotte NC" was written by REALTOR® Roger Holloway of ProStead Realty & Betty White of State To State Move.

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