9 Reasons You Should be Talking About Shea Homes' Oldenburg, REALTORS® - Video

Shea Homes Oldenburg subdivision on Crane Road in Marvin NC is already the subject of Zillow, New Homes Directory, New Homes Source, and the popular New Homes Monthly publication you see on the rack at your local Harris-Teeter grocery store. And as real estate agents desiring to provide a great buyer experience for those relocating to Charlotte, our advice on moving to Charlotte and the Waxhaw - Marvin NC corridor at New Town Road is important.

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Oldenburg New Construction Luxury Homes - Waxhaw NC 28173 - YouTube

Now, just because Oldenburg is tucked way back off of Crane Rd, Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173 doesn't mean we shouldn't be talking about this new luxury homes subdivision, Oldenburg.

28173 New Construction Homes in Weddington - Waxhaw - Marvin NC with Current Listings>

Luxury new construction homes for sale in the greater Charlotte NC area are important as new business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, NFL Panthers players, and other professionals are looking to see what a million dollars will buy in the south Charlotte, Union County real estate market. And if we're only exposing them to Providence Downs South, Longview, Sedgefield, Ladera, Atherton in Weddington, Rosecliff, Skyecroft, The Preserve at Marvin, and Arthur Rutenberg at Belle Grove, are we showing them everything?

Now we all know that marketing is the key to selling a home - particularly those looking for new construction luxury homes - here in the greater Charlotte real market, right? So, when you do a search for new homes in south Charlotte in the $800,000 - 900,000 range, what do you discover? Are you ready for the 9 reasons you should be talking about Shea Homes and the wooded, Union County NC subdivision on Crane Road in Waxhaw 28173? Well, the answer lies in the YouTube search results of those 9 real estate marketing sites coming up high in the Google search results and here they are.

9 Reasons Why Oldenburg on Crane Road in Waxhaw NC Ranks High

1- Oldenburg in Waxhaw, NC, New Homes Floor Plans by Shea
2- Oldenburg Waxhaw NC Homes for Sale Houses Subdivision
3- Cypress - Oldenburg by Shea Homes Family - Zillow
4- Avalon - Oldenburg by Shea Homes Family - Zillow
5- New Construction Home Builder in Charlotte, NC - Shea Homes
6- New Homes in Waxhaw Oldenburg - Shea Homes
7- Oldenburg in Waxhaw NC by Shea Homes
8- Oldenburg - Waxhaw, NC - realtor com
9- Oldenburg New Construction Luxury Homes - Waxhaw NC 28173 - YouTube

Now that last result is a YouTube real estate video by Roger Holloway (do you know him?) which gives you a tour of Oldenburg in Waxhaw, NC by Shea including cul-de-sac and wooded lots now available. So give me a shout-out at 704-345-3400 and let's go see houses in the Shea Homes' subdivision of Oldenburg Waxhaw NC. I'm talking about it!

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