Do I Need a Buyer's Agent REALTOR® When Buying a New Home - Video

Do I need a Buyer's Agent REALTOR® when buying a new home is like asking do I need my own attorney if someone (with their own attorney) hauls me into court? I know that is an ugly comparison but think about it. And I will examine whether or not you should hire your own real estate agent (at no cost to you; the Seller pays both agents) but first, I'd like you to meet a First Time Home Buyer couple who had just gone through the process of building a new construction home here in Charlotte NC.

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Yes, You Deserve Representation When Building Your Charlotte NC Home

The onsite agent in the Model Home represents only the best interests of the builder (Seller), their client. You are a customer to them (not a client) and that Model Home onsite agent is highly trained to sell you a house. But when you choose to become the client of a Buyer's Agent REALTOR®, you have an experienced real estate professional looking out for your best interests in the transaction and throughout the build process. Plus, those Model Homes are decorated to hypnotize you into the "I've got to have it" scenario. Having an experienced new homes' buyer's agent can expose you to all your options with all of the Charlotte and Fort Mill home builders. Many Charlotte NC and Fort Mill SC real estate agents prefer to sell resale homes because they'll stand to get paid much more quickly. As a New Home Construction Specialist REALTOR®, I love helping buyers go through the process of choosing a lot, a floor plan, selections of flooring, cabinets, countertops, and so on. And then walking with them as they see their dream home being constructed. In fact, why not meet real people that I have helped purchase their home in my exclusive YouTube videos of Charlotte REALTOR® reviews here>

Don't make the false assumption that you will save money by not using your own REALTOR® when building and purchasing a new construction home. So, remember the builder’s onsite agent is working for the builder – not for you! There are no discounts passed on to you if you don’t use your own Buyer's Agent. Did you know that the commission for buyer representation is already built into the purchase price, so if you are not using your own REALTOR®, the builder makes more money on the transaction.

So, hire your own Buyer's Agent (at no cost to you) you will be hiring a licensed agent who represents you, not the builder! Your Realtor looks out for YOUR best interests. The Builders agent or rep looks out for the BUILDER'S best interests. It's interesting that most people wouldn’t consider buying a resale home without a REALTOR® to represent them in this complicated transaction. So, why consider going through the complicated process of building a home without someone who understands new construction walking with you? So be SURE to tell the builder's onsite representative that ROGER HOLLOWAY, ProStead Realty is your agent. Even better for you and me to tour this subdivision together. If not, ask me for some of my business cards for you to hand the builder's rep if you go without me. Know that, by bringing in your own agent, you’re asking your builder to be on their best behavior.

5 Reasons to Use a REALTOR® When Buying a New Home

1- Remember that home builders want real estate agents to continue to bring new clients in the future. They need us.

2- Buyer's Agents will talk great about good experiences with builders, and negative ones, too.

3- Having a good agent who is experienced in new home construction is great in going through the process with you and the builder.

4- Having a good agent will offer advice in the process on options, inspections, mortgages, construction issues, and more.

5- A good Buyer's Agent who began in a Model Home working for the builder knows the ins and outs of the process. That's how I started in 2002!

Do I Need A Realtor If I Build New Construction?

Ask Bill and Donna, who built a new home in Charlotte all the way from New York.  Not only did they appreciate me making their time productive when they visited, they also found value in having me here with "boots on the ground" during the construction process.  Call or Text 704-345-3400 to know more about building a new construction home in the greater Charlotte area.  I am your guy.

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