Homes in Oakhurst are Cuter Than a Kitten - Video

Hey, if the Charlotte Agenda's Jordan Dollard lives in Oakhurst, then you already know! I love her take on this great neighborhood in the heart of Charlotte, and as a lover of new construction homes, I see that local builder Saussy Burbank is building great homes here. You have lots of smaller homes built in the 1940 - 1950 era when the boys were coming back from the war to make a baby boom. But now you can all types of "average Joes", who want to live in a fun community. Jordan says she's met everything from musicians to woodworkers to landscape artists here in Oakhurst. She uses the term, "a melting pot of artists, entrepreneurs, free spirits". Hey, I like that! Check out her article and subscribe; it's called "I’m obsessed with the Oakhurst neighborhood for these 10 reasons you should love it"Read More>

And for those of you who'd rather not be bound by an HOA, hey, let's go look at homes in Oakhurst, which is near Cotswold! And did you know there's an Oakhurst guy named John Eft, who really is the overseer of a super community garden in Oakhurst? Grow what you want (within reason, be careful) in sections set aside for individual plantings. It's owned by CMS but is a true garden for the community.

So, why don't you and I meet at the Oakhurst Grill near Monroe and Wendover Roads and then go look at Saussy Burbank homes in Oakhurst? And some others, too. You'll soon see that homes in Oakhurst are cuter than a kitten. But wait! You can discover that right now by watching my YouTube video tour "Homes for Sale in Oakhurst Neighborhood [Charlotte NC 28205]". And then reach out to me personally at 704-345-3400.

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