How To Buy A House Remotely and Virtually Using YouTube Video

The benefits of buying a house remotely and virtually

Coronavirus has changed our way of life, and it also changed the way home sales are conducted. Instead of visiting an open house, you can now see a virtual tour of the home. There is no need for in-person showings. Buying remotely is an attractive and time-saving option, convenient for many reasons. You'll be able to avoid close contacts as a preventive measure from spreading the virus.

However, buying a house remotely is not an entirely new trend. People did it before the pandemic. Usually, those who were purchasing a second home or a vacation home resorted to this type of buying process. Buying a home virtually is also great for people out of state, dedicated to their jobs and obligations. Seniors looking to buy a new home can also find a real estate YouTube channel and view the properties without the need to go anywhere.

From all of this, you see how common it is to buy a house remotely and virtually using a YouTube video. Whatever your reason for buying virtually may be, there are specific steps you should take to ensure a successful, easy and quick process.

Find a REALTOR® that works with remote buyers

Even though you plan to buy a house virtually, you still need a reliable and experienced REALTOR®. They can handle nearly the entire homebuying process, so take your time and find an expert. After you have checked the references of potential candidates, schedule an interview by phone or video call. Make sure that they have experience with remote buyers. Those who work frequently using this method know how it works and how to find suitable properties before sending YouTube virtual home tours to you. They also know how to negotiate in your favor.

Ask the REALTOR® about their working hours. They should be available to you and handle a variety of tasks in the homebuying process. For example, some of them will attend home inspections while you don’t need to leave your home. If you’re looking to buy a new construction home, find an agent familiar with that type of home. Also, they should have a broad knowledge about the local market. One house can look perfect on the internet, but an experienced REALTOR® must point out if there are any concerns about a particular area. For example, a home you are looking to buy may sit next to an active railroad track or have other hidden issues.

Make a wish list

Once you have a REALTOR®, make a wish list and share it with them in order to find the perfect property. The more precise you are about your wishes, the quicker the home search may go. However, if you have too many requests, it can slow down the process of finding the ideal one. When making a wish list, be sure to stick to the things that really matter:

Location + Home size + House style – Do you want a ranch-style home? Do you want a smart, energy-efficient home? Always state your preferences.

The deal breakers

Let your REALTOR® know about the features you absolutely could not live with or without in a new home. Then, they won't waste time looking at the wrong properties, and you'll receive only YouTube videos of homes that match your criteria. Remember to mention all the features you would like to have, such as walk-in closets, laundry room, etc. but leave out the minor details from the list. Some things are easy to fix or update.

Close remotely

If you have decided to buy a house remotely and virtually, found the perfect one, and the home is under contract, you will have time to review title documents and deed restrictions. Before closing, you will also have time to conduct necessary inspections, financing, and bank appraisals. As technology has advanced, remote closings have become a routine for home sellers and homebuyers.

Your REALTOR® should send you all the pages of the contract and anything else you need to sign. You'll be able to sign documents quickly and easily using an electronic-signature system, and they will be valid as if you signed the papers in person. Still, closing attorneys may require a physical signature. In that case, your REALTOR® will work with them and send all needed documents to you before the closing. Finally, they go to the closing table with all the documents without the homebuyer. When the funds are wired, the transaction is completed.

Family moving preparations

After the closing, all you need to do is organize your relocation to a new home. No matter how ideal the house you bought may be, moving to a new city or new state is always challenging. Make sure your children are ready, prepare them on time, talk with them. Discuss the benefits of moving to another place and what they can expect. If their age allows, they can help you organize, declutter, and pack - at least in their rooms and with their stuff.

When you decide to buy a home virtually, you'll have more time to spend with your kids, and you won't be so exhausted during the process or before and after the move.

Relocation to your new home

If you're running short of time, hire a moving company that can not only help you transport your belongings but also pack them. Before packing the stuff, make a list of all your belongings, so you’ll be sure that you didn’t lose or forget anything in a rush. If your items are properly packed and secured, they won’t be damaged in transport. However, if you want to be more relaxed, get insurance for your inventory. Finally, just before the moving day a whole family should get a good night’s sleep and eat healthily in order to have more energy and better mood.

Final thoughts

To buy a house remotely and virtually using YouTube video and move-in right after, you don't need to go through hell. It isn't complicated if you rely on experienced people in the process. A REALTOR® specializing in working with remote buyers will find potential properties according to your criteria and priorities and share YouTube videos with virtual tours until you decide. They will be overlooking the inspections, guide you through the necessary paperwork, and eventually attend the closing. You will not only save time with this process, but you'll also be able to move to your new home as stress-free as possible.

This blog post on "How To Buy A House Remotely and Virtually Using YouTube Video" was written by REALTOR® Roger Holloway of ProStead Realty & Betty White of State To State Move.

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