How USDA Loans Can Get You Your Heart's Desire - Video

How USDA loans can get you your heart's desire video from David Cunnington, mortgage banker here in Charlotte NC has great news about the USDA loan fees, rates, and calculator. But first, check out this YouTube video from the Roger Holloway real estate channel to meet David explaining why Cunningham & Cunningham uses "old-school" service to out-perform the big box lenders.

New Fee Schedule on USDA Loans - Charlotte NC area

Take a look at the new and improved (to the borrower) USDA loan rates and fees that begin very soon. Their current structure for these two USDA rural development loan fees are as follows:

Up-Front = 2.75%
Annual = .50%

The new fee amounts will be:
Up-Front = 1%
Annual = .35%

What does this mean to folks buying a home in the rural development USDA loan geographical areas near Charlotte, North Carolina and Fort Mill, South Carolina?

For a sales price of $200,000 this means a lower payment of $43 per month and lower upfront cost being rolled in of $3,585. That means over a 10 year period this will save you $8,745!!

Now that you've met David Cunningham of Cunningham & Cunningham mortgage bankers -- a preferred lender by several Charlotte home builders -- why not let me search homes for sale in the USDA rural development areas near Charlotte NC and connect you to David Cunningham to find out if the USDA loan requirements meet your needs. Call or Text me at 704-345-3400 to search for new or resale homes in USDA areas and see if USDA loans can get you your heart's desire!

USDA Eligibility in NC and SC

This USDA site is where you can check to see if the address of the home you want to buy is in the Rural Development area that qualifies for the USDA mortgage loan, HERE >.

When you visit the USDA site, you'll see if you're eligible by answering questions about
- Number of People in Household
- Number of Residents Under 18 Years Old, Disabled or Full-Time Students
- Are you age 62 or older?
- Are there any Disabled Persons Living in the Household?
- Household income

Feel free to contact The North Carolina State USDA Office in Raleigh NC, who administers USDA Rural Development programs at 919-873-2015.

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