Jack the Real Estate Dog's Guide to Convertibles - Video

Roger and Jack Driving With The Top Down

Ever since Jack my dog won "Real Estate Dog of 2019", we don't hear the end of it in our home! By the way, "Jack my dog" is a quote from The
Band's song "The Weight", in case you missed it. But, wait a minute Chester, you guessed her. This channel is about real estate in Charlotte, not about dogs in convertibles, right? True, but the very nature of a blog post is that you're getting to know me (and Jack my dog), and hopefully you're raising your hand, so we can get to know you.

Now, other than my wife's BMW convertible a few years ago, my most memorable jaunts into convertible life were by old MGBs from the 70s. So, life is good in the Charlotte real estate market and I'm dreaming about having a used convertible sitting around, just in case the weather was warm and sunny and I had an hour or two to spare. And, of course, since I get to take my dog Jack to work with me most days, why not strap him in the back seat, turn on the camera, and talk about all things Charlotte, say, on the way down to Black Chicken in Waxhaw?

So, it was Milo Ventimiglia's movie "The Art of Racing in the Rain" that inspired me to award Jack this very special prize. And boy, oh boy, do we enjoy the ride. I'm sure you can tell, right? And just so you know our philosophy on that, we work while we play. Again, I get to take my dog Jack to work with me most days!

And so, when you make your plans to come to Charlotte NC to look around for homes and subdivisions in which to live, let me know if you want Jack to accompany us. Either way is fine, but if we all ride together, someone may end up in the back seat with Jack's head on your lap!

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