Living in Charlotte NC -The Pros and Cons! [The Quintessential Guide!]

Choosing a new place to live is always a serious and responsible task. If Charlotte, NC, the city with a bright future, sounds like a good choice, we can prove you right. Here are all the pros and cons of living in Charlotte; you will surely want to consider before organizing your move

The Pros

Every relocation is a challenging endeavor. Suppose you decide to go through all that packing, finding a way to prepare breakables for the road, hiring professional movers, transportation, and finally unpacking. In that case, you have to be sure that your new home location is well worth it. Thus, we offer you a list of the pros of living in Charlotte first.

Favorable location

Charlotte has an excellent location, indeed. Firstly, it is three and a half hours from the beach. Those who want to enjoy the ocean and sand during the summer months can quickly get there by car. However, suppose you do not wish to travel too far. In that case, you can visit Lake Norman in Charlotte, Lake Wylie, or Whitewater Center, all of which offer a great variety of outdoor activities

When winter comes, those fond of skiing and spending time in the snow can reach the mountains in Boone in just two hours or so by car. 

There is also one more point, which makes Charlotte's location one of the essential pros on the list. The city is rarely affected by hurricanes and violent storms as it is too far from the ocean. 

Wide, open roads

Charlotte has excellent roads with minimal amounts of traffic. When living here, you will never experience severe traffic jams common in cities like New York or Los Angeles. You will be able to drive your car and enjoy it, which is one of those happy things to expect when moving here.

Gorgeous weather

One of the crucial pros when living in Charlotte NC is undoubtedly the beautiful weather. You will enjoy all four seasons every year. Springs and falls are pleasant, summers are nice and warm, and winters are never brutal.

Friendly and helpful people

We all know that the adaptation period after relocation can be tough. In Charlotte, you will have the help of your friendly neighbors full of understanding. This is most probably because a great majority of them have already been in your shoes. Namely, as one of the US cities going through a fast expansion, Charlotte attracts a vast number of people who come from other places in the state and settle here. In other words, a lot of people who currently live in this city were not born in Charlotte.


With the city's growth comes the springing up of shopping centers, ready to accommodate all passionate shoppers. Although you can find and buy everything you need even now, the chances are that Charlotte people will have a much wider variety of products available in the near future.

Attractive uptown area

Uptown Charlotte is a beautiful and easily accessible area. You can enjoy concerts, operas, ballets, sporting, and other events without stressing traffic jams or parking spots. Moreover, the site is continuing to grow, so new hotels, office buildings, and shopping centers are emerging. 

A heaven for nature lovers

Living in Charlotte NC equals living in an outdoor paradise. Not only will you enjoy the beautiful weather, but also the beautiful tree canopy that is pleasing to your eyes and soul. Freedom Park and other parks in the Charlotte metropolitan area, are conducive for walking, biking, jogging, or any other outdoor activities you prefer. 

Ample job opportunities

A lot of job opportunities is a big plus. Jobs in the banking, finance, and high-tech industries are booming. Also, you can easily find a position in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. 

Affordable housing

A major pro for all those moving permanently to Charlotte is affordable housing combined with meager taxes. Even the prices of extraordinary and luxury homes are favorable and not so difficult to afford. Charlotte's brand new house will cost you anywhere between $300,000 and $450,000, which is a bargain.

Kid and family-friendly place

You will love all the kid-friendly amenities available in Charlotte. There are a lot of parks all over the city. Furthermore, your kids can take up a sport like football, soccer, hockey, or ice hockey. You can take them horseback riding or to one of the many trampoline and carting indoor centers. The choice is all yours.

If your kids are of school age, they will get a chance to attend excellent, highly-rated public schools.


Charlotte is one of those cities where safety is at the top level. However, like in every other town, there are areas you should avoid. Thus, when choosing a place to live, make sure you research this matter before deciding on the new neighborhood.

Exciting nightlife and social scene

Exciting nightlife and a large social scene are among the reasons why millennials too love living in Charlotte. There are many small and cozy breweries, places to hang out and relax with your friends. 

The airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is among the busiest airports in the world. It is immaculate and tidy with easy access in and out. As the airport is expanding, there is some construction work in progress, but the situation will stabilize very soon. The airport has international flights and connecting flights to almost everywhere as well. 

The cons you have to know

Although the cons of living in Charlotte NC, are significantly less numerous, one has to be aware of them before moving. 

The location can be a con for some people

If you have always dreamed of living on the beach, Charlotte is not the city for you. Understandably, having a summer home on the shore is always an option. Still, the question is whether this solution is good enough for you. 

Busy traffic at certain times of the day

Most of the time, you can drive down wide, open roads. However, as the city is expanding, occasional traffic jams are possible at certain hours during the day. Luckily, these traffic jams are so far from bumper to bumper NYC standstills, so you do not have to worry.

Hot and humid weather in summer months

There are two essential cons when it comes to the weather in Charlotte. Firstly, July and August may be sweltering and humid, which requires using air-conditioning all the time. Secondly, during March and April, there is a lot of pollen everywhere. If you are susceptible to allergies, having proper medications at hand is a must. 

Red clay

One of the biggest surprises for Charlotte newcomers is certainly the soil. It is nothing like the excellent, dark brown soil you can see in New York. Instead, it is hard, red clay, which is not so suitable for growing fruits and vegetables. Consider whether this is a dealbreaker for you.

This blog post on Living in Charlotte NC -The Pros and Cons! [The Quintessential Guide!] was written by REALTOR® Roger Holloway of ProStead Realty & Betty White of State To State Move.

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