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Pros and Cons of Living in Charlotte NC

The informative resource, has published these Charlotte rankings based on data and lots of reviews. On the list of "Most Diverse Cities in America", we rank #21 of 228. How about the "Best Cities to Live in America"? Looking good at #30 out of 228. And I love our rating on Diversity among residents of Charlotte. A+Based on ethnic and economic diversity. And here's where I come in! "Best Cities to Buy a House in America?". Charlotte ranks #29 out of 228 in the country. Yes!

Things I Love About Living in Charlotte

Some people who have moved to Charlotte have said some of the things they love about living in Charlotte are that she's the perfect size city with a clean downtown that feels safe. By the way, you can only use the term "downtown" if you're a native Charlottean (someone born and raised in Charlotte); the rest of us who have moved to Charlotte are relegated to the marketing term "Uptown"! And there's some disagreement about whether Charlotte has affordable city living, as affordable housing is always a hot topic.

But nobody would disagree that our location is spectacular with great proximity to the beach and mountains. And I saw one leader in the Charlotte fitness community comment that Charlotte "feels like a young, thriving city and welcoming to newcomers" with a "great airport". In fact, she said those are some of the "7 Things I Love About Living in Charlotte". Me, too!

Reasons to Move to Charlotte NC

In my popular blog post "7 Reasons to Move to Charlotte NC [And Why I Did] - Video", I talk about my journey from Indiana to Hilton Head Island, and then on to Charlotte, where I found a lot of opportunity in Charlotte's real estate market. One of the reasons is that Charlotte welcomes young professionals, young families, as well as Baby Boomers retiring and relocating to the Carolinas.

Not only does Charlotte have amazing neighborhoods like Ballantyne, NoDa and Plaza Midwood (hipster 'hoods), Elizabeth, Myers Park, and Dilworth, and South End (Light Rail access and walkability to restaurants), but also new construction subdivisions. That's where I come in! Some of my favorites are Bent Creek in Indian Land SC and The Falls at Weddington, south of Charlotte in Union County. Call me to ask about the pros and cons of living in Charlotte.

Why NOT Move to Charlotte?

Now, let me speak to what I saw someone else say, that some of the cons of living in Charlotte (why NOT to move to Charlotte?) are education, housing costs, and traffic. I always encourage my clients to do their own research on what are the best schools in Charlotte.

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And I almost couldn't believe a former New Yorker calling the Charlotte, North Carolina weather a con! Wait! What?? In my book, the milder four seasons weather in Charlotte is a huge PRO! I moved from the cold and harsh Midwestern winters of Indiana to Hilton Head, the furthest Southern city in South Carolina. Hot? Yes. Humid? Yes. Amazing? YES!  And Charlotte's a bit more temperate than HHI. Hey, this Indiana boy ain't complainin' about nothin"!

Housing costs? Again, there's a lot of discussion about affordable housing in Charlotte. I'm happy to help you with any price point in which you're comfortable. But, traffic? As more and more people are relocating to Charlotte, you will have increased traffic congestion, for sure. But, you can't miss the Gareth Leonard YouTube video in my vlog post " Fun Things To Do and the Pros vs Cons of Living in Charlotte NC - Video". You'll learn a lot about what's going on here related to great restaurants, nightlife, and things to do.

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