Moving To Charlotte from Chicago and Getting Away With It - Video

Can You Handle the Truth About Moving to Charlotte?

Not only do I get a lot of calls from New York and New Jersey about living in Charlotte, but from Chicago as well. The Chicago Crusader newspaper and online forum say that folks are flocking to Charlotte with our booming banking industry and a cost of living that’s reasonable. They report that banks and big law firms are relocating to the city and that we've been named the number two metro for economic growth potential.

How 'Bout That Charlotte Weather?

Escaping harsh winters may be a dream to you, Chicagoans. I get it, as I grew up a few hours south of you in Indianapolis, Indiana and I know all about that. Maybe that's why my YouTube video below has been so helpful for folks relocating from Chicago and New York. Check it out!

Large Companies Investing in the Charlotte Area

Have you heard about Apple’s revolutionary five billion North Carolina data center and solar farm for iCloud storage? And how about the Amazon Wind Farm, Amazon’s new $375 million data center wind farm, and one of the largest wind farms on the east coast? I learned that from the Crusader, who also said our yellow-brick road is leading to a harvest of economic opportunities. They also report a young man who recently moved to Charlotte obtained a job one week after relocating to our Queen City.

Why Did Angie Harmon Move to Charlotte?

Even actress Angie Harmon's move to Charlotte NC to have a great life in the South made so much sense. Pros and cons? Hey, we have a great international airport to get her to a movie shoot or a television sound stage easily from CLT. So what is the reality of you relocating to Charlotte? Not sure, but I do know that if you're thinking about moving to Charlotte and want to know if relocating to Charlotte from Chicago or New York is right for you, understand that I make relocating to Charlotte easy.

My Videos Make Relocating to Charlotte Easy Peasy

How? By using YouTube real estate videos to set me apart from every other REALTOR® in the greater Charlotte area who says "This is a must-watch" or "You need to watch this" or even "Top reasons why you should move to Charlotte".

And, by answering my phone. Call/Text me at 704-345-3400 for expert buyer representation in the purchase of your new construction home. My team of Broker-Partners would love to be your Buyer's Agent, so why not utilize a New Home Construction Specialist REALTOR®, who believes that moving to Charlotte could be perfect for you! Begin your property search here.

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So, how about you? Want to pick up the phone and talk to me? I'd love to hear your story. 704-345-3400. But before you do, check out the 7 reasons to move to Charlotte NC, and why I did!

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