Multigenerational In-Law-Suite Ranch in Charlotte NC

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The DELIGHT Multigenerational In-Law-Suite Home with Two Kitchens is a NextGen multigenerational home floor plan offered in Lennar Treetops 55+ as well as Cortona in Waxhaw NC (both near Charlotte NC). Lennar Homes has been building an ingenious multi-gen product called NextGen which are in-law-suite multigenerational homes. Now, many new homes come with a Guest Suite and full bath on the Main level, which could be perfect in the right scenario. But this is not a cookie-cutter scenario. Let's say your mom and/or dad refuse to leave the home they've lived in for decades in NY or Ohio or Tennessee. Then one day there's a health issue and then begin to think it's a lot better to have you nearby. And at this point in your life, you're ready to retire and relocate to the South. Exactly. Offer them their own in-law-suite multigenerational home with two kitchens, under your roof in the greater Charlotte area. Right! Two kitchens, two living rooms, and two entrances all under one multigenerational roof. So, imagine my delight when I heard about the Lennar Homes one-level ranch living multigenerational new homes being offered now in Lennar Treetops 55+, Cortona in Waxhaw, and Gambill Forest in Mooresville! Among multigenerational homes plans, the DELIGHT is my absolute favorite and here's why. Multigenerational homes with two kitchens, two living rooms, and two entrances provide the perfect in-law-suite to welcome your mom and/or dad to live out their years under your roof without giving up their independence. Now, if you build the DELIGHT in Lennar Tree Tops, you get the best of both worlds, because you allow your parents live the 55+ Active Adult lifestyle and know this house will be perfectly functional for a long time, with space for your parents now and for you in years to come. You know, having a local Buyer's Agent REALTOR® helping you locate multigenerational homes Charlotte is the answer. So, this DELIGHT could be the perfect (and affordable) multigenerational floor plan for you! Relocation can be a challenge, but I make relocating to Charlotte easy, so Call or Text 704-345-3400 if you're moving to Charlotte NC and let me help you! If you happen to go into any Model Home without me, make sure you sign the registration card with your REALTOR® as ROGER HOLLOWAY from ProStead Realty in order to protect you and assure you get buyer representation (at no charge, because the builder pays my fee). Better yet, reach out to me and let's go together! Hope you enjoyed my multi-generational homes reviews of the DELIGHT from Lennar Homes' multigenerational new homes plan. Did the Delight do just that for you? Well, it delighted me, for sure, and I'm thrilled that Lennar Homes' Next Gen - home within a home is back in Charlotte, Waxhaw, and Mooresville NC and here in Lennar Treetops 55+, a premier Active Adult community!

YouTube Video Transcription

Hey, this is Roger at my location at Lennar Treetops but hey this delight plan is also being offered at Cortona at Waxhaw. So, Treetops 55 age-restricted and the Cortona is not Gambill Forest, is not age-restricted although they're marketing it as active adults because they have sections of ranch plans. Let's take a tour of the Delight. The next-gen is back guys, this is multi-generational, this is multi-generational, you’ve got 2 doors, you've got the NextGen door and you've got the main door.  We'll go to the mother-in-law suite in just a second.

Let's take a look and let me just tell you this story. You want to  move to Charlotte, you're relocating  maybe you got a job but you just can't afford to leave mom and/or dad back where you came from where it's Indianapolis where I came from and moved south ten or so years ago or whether it's Phoenix, Arizona and you got grandkids here it doesn't matter whether you’re from Cleveland you want to move to the Charlotte area. Now maybe you're 55 plus, you're retiring but you can't leave your 80-year-old mother and/or dad back in you know Pittsburgh so you have a dilemma. So, here's the answer the next-gen home that's being offered again by Lennar, they were offering two-story versions of the next-gen a few years ago but there wasn't as much demand. But Lennar is so smart, they have done their research I'm sure and they've determined that there is a market for a one-level, multi-gene home. And by the way guys for my money - that's a dining room. It's really a breakfast room but look they've got a large dining table there with room for a lot of people so this is a big space and it's got a screen porch. They realized that there is a market because they are a large national builder. There are your screen ports, it probably comes as a covered patio that you can screen; that there are a lot of people that want to not put their parents in assisted living but want to keep them with them but they don't want to give up their own lifestyle. So, they brought the mother-in-law multi-generational in-law suite back with this Delight plan and I can't even tell you how excited I was this morning when I woke up and realized that this model was available.

So, it's at Treetops, let's go together down the Treetops and among all of the other great ranch, ranch and a half plans that Lennar offers here really one of the premier 55-plus communities let's take a peek at the Delight plan but you know there's a model village of what? 8, 9 homes. This is how they get you guys and I don't care whether you buy here or any of the other 55 plus I just  want to help you find what's right for you and so once we do that - there's a  commode room right there - once we do that  then I'll help you in the transaction, I'll help you as your buyer's agent I’ll like to go to all of the builder meetings as well and that's really helpful at your end. And by the way, my services do not cost you anything extra because they've already got it built into the price of the home, into their marketing budget and it's just smart to have a buyer's agent. So, many people walk in and say, Can I save money by not having an agent? Just try that, call them and let's just see. I'll just tell you if they're smart they're gonna tell you the truth about that.

So, here's what could be your guest bathroom and here's another, a second bedroom for your guests. Now we're still in the main part of the Delight. So, you've got two, a master and another bedroom and then you've got two baths, full baths and then you've got this great living space in the Delight but that's not all because there's a mother-in-law suite that we haven't even looked at yet in this video. So, I just encourage you to give me a call at 704 345 3400. I would love to be your buyer's agent, I would love to help you in your relocation and again see if I answer that doggone telephone. Now watch this, you see this door right here? Mom, mom can I come in?  Dinner's ready. Oh, we'll come in through the front door? Yes, mom. I’m coming in through the front door. So, now we're exiting the main door.  Now think about it your mom and/or dad still have friends, they have a life, they want to live out there years to the full, so why shouldn't they have a next-gen home? Why shouldn’t they have their own kitchen? Why shouldn't they have their own living space? Why shouldn't they have their own bedroom? And yet be close enough to you that everybody feels really comfortable about the years and decades ahead. So, why do I say that? Because it's a dilemma. You know the dilemma is hey I’m getting old, I'm independent still but yet I want to feel the safety of having my family nearby and instead of going into assisted living. So, this is just a really neat living space. I'm so proud of  Lennar for responding to the market on this because I get a lot of calls where people want multi-generational in-law suites - Lennar calls it next-gen so there's the door right there that goes to the other part of the house - but most of those have been the higher price homes because that's what it takes basically to get a custom home to that degree where you're spending 700, 800, 900 thousand and that's cost-prohibitive for most of us. But guess what? If you can buy something like this in the 300s, why wouldn't you? Mom or dad could sell their house, they can kick in on it and you know you combine your resources. So, this is mom or dad’s bedroom and they've got their own autonomy, their own living space multi-generational in-law suite.

I can't wait to be your buyer's agent and help you with this either here at Lennar Treetops if you're 55 plus or at Cortona in Waxhaw( not-55 plus) or Gambill Forrest which is coming in the Mooresville area in the not-too-distant future. I'll see you in the next video.

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