Never Mess With Huckabee's Hottest City In America [Fort Mill SC]

Fort Mill SC New Homes or Puckerbutt? Video

Fort Mill SC is featured on Mike Huckabee's TBN television program HUCKABEE. You are encouraged to enjoy the video here and take a trip to the hottest city in America, Fort Mill SC. Now, does he call Ft Mill that because he's featuring Puckerbutt Pepper Company, the great little enterprise at 237 Main St, Fort Mill, SC 29715?

I do love to walk down the main street of Fort Mill, which is appropriately called Main Street. In fact, when Patti Mercer of local station WRHI does an interview with someone in downtown Fort Mill, I'm in! But Fort Mill, South Carolina is much more than Pucker Butt or even the famous Strawberry Festival. With such a rich history in the textile industry, where did you think the word "mill" in Fort Mill came from? She was originally known as Little York (think York County) and then Fort Hill. But it was the grist mill on nearby Steele Creek that put the mill into Fort Mill. You'd think Textile Mill had something to do with the naming of this great little town just south of Charlotte NC.

But, from my perspective as a Charlotte and Fort Mill REALTOR®, those Fort Mill schools are what gets my phone ringing! Everybody wants the Fort Mill school district homes, as you'll discover in my real estate search engine page called "Fort Mill SC Homes for Sale in the Fort Mill School District - Video". If you'd like your own search of Fort Mill homes for sale, click on Search above and look for Fort Mill new homes for sale either by city or even drill down to the Fort Mill schools you want. Then call me at 704-345-3400 and let's talk about Huckabee's hottest city in America, Fort Mill, South Carolina!

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