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Charlotte is a great place to start fresh if you are moving to pursue a career opportunity or reunite with family. Even though you might be feeling indecisive, moving to Charlotte may be the best decision you have made. North Carolina is a beautiful state, known for a thriving business environment, reasonable cost of living, and breathtaking natural beauty. Charlotte is a lovely city and voted one of the best ten cities to live in the US! We have prepared a quick guide for moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. Hopefully, it will get you started and driven to tackle this life adventure that is ahead.

Why is Charlotte, North Carolina, a great place to live?

Once you move to this great city and settle in at your new home, you will have time to explore your neighborhood. That is when you will realize how inspiring the city can be. Everyone tries hard to make their hometown a great place to live. Though there are pros and cons in moving to Charlotte, she's still one of the most prominent destinations for relocation, and over a hundred people relocate to Charlotte every day, many from New York and New Jersey. There seems to be plenty of space and jobs for everyone. Unemployment is low, and the average salary is greater than the US average. The cost of living is a little less than the US average, and you can buy a great home, spending significantly less than in some other parts of the country. There are many thriving neighborhoods, and the suburbs are desirable to young families with children. 

How to prepare for moving to Charlotte, North Carolina

Before you proceed and start enjoying the city, you have to prepare thoroughly. If we were to put together a quick guide to moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, this is what it would include:
1- Learn more about the city and find a perfect neighborhood
2- Find a Charlotte Buyer Agent who knows the city well
3- Find a reliable moving company that will assist you with the relocation
4- Create a moving checklist to help you through the process
5- Survive your moving day and start enjoying our lovely city

Everyone is aware of how stressful moving can be, but it hits you the hardest when you are actually about to do it. Following these easy steps, you will undoubtedly make it easier for yourself and your family to get through the whole process of moving.

Consider these Charlotte neighborhoods as your next home

Charlotte has many great neighborhoods which offer different kinds of opportunities. The city is growing fast because people perceive it to be affordable and comfortable for life. Ballantyne offers some great housing options for young working families and young professionals. Here you can find single-family homes and new construction townhomes, whatever your preferences may be. On the other hand, Davidson is a college town and has become a top destination for those who enjoy fine cuisine (think Kindred). This community is located on the lakeside and promotes a good quality of life. Of course, there are many other areas around the city and suburbs worth exploring. Each community has its feel and atmosphere going on, so make sure you do a little research before calling your real estate agent.

Find a REALTOR® who knows Charlotte and her suburbs

Though inventory is currently low of homes for sale in Charlotte NC, we're confident you can find one to your liking. A knowledgeable real estate agent who has experience will make your search a lot easier. You have to be sure to give your agent all the necessary information about your preferences. That way, it will be easy to find you a perfect new place to call home. Finding a match between your needs and desires and available listings while staying within budget is no easy task. However, when dealing with real estate professionals, it can seem like a seamless effort.

Find a moving company that can accommodate your relocation needs

Searching for a moving company can be overwhelming because there is so much advertising online. If you don't know where to look and what to look for, some platforms offer many relocation resources you can use. Such platforms have vast databases of reliable, vetted, licensed North Carolina movers you can choose from. Needless to say that relocation with some help is easier. With the right kind of support, it can be an enjoyable experience. Be sure to choose a moving company that suits your requirements and matches your vision of a stress-free relocation.

Create a moving checklist to help you through the moving process

You would want to make yourself a moving checklist before you embark on this relocation journey. It can be your quick guide to moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, consisting of only moving essentials. You should list relocation-specific tasks and a timeline of their execution. Be sure to put down the names of each family member and their obligations. That way, everyone will be involved and help out as much as they can. Think about who will be in charge of packing, who will change your address with the authorities, or who will make sure you don't leave your garage door open when you leave your old house. Make sure to cross out every task once it is done, and don't skip anything.

Settle in Charlotte home and enjoy your new life

Once you have found your perfect home with the help of an experienced top Charlotte REALTOR® with great reviews and settled in with the help of professional movers, you can finally enjoy it. If you have finished unpacking, you can finally relax. You have done an excellent job relocating to Charlotte, and now you can explore the city and all its attractions and amenities. Look for local grocery stores, drive by your kids’ new school and find out the fastest way to get to work. Be sure to sit on the front porch, wave to your neighbors and get to know your new neighborhood. We are confident that you have made the right choice moving to Charlotte and that you already feel welcomed. Hopefully, you have enjoyed your relocation guidance as much as we did preparing this information to help you who are moving to Charlotte, North Carolina.

This blog post on "Simple Guidance For You In Moving To Charlotte" was written by REALTOR® Roger Holloway of ProStead Realty & Betty White of State To State Move.

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