True Lies About Justin Bieber's Love of Millbridge in Waxhaw NC - Video

Is that Justin Bieber walking across The Millbridge in Waxhaw, North Carolina? Exclusive YouTube Footage

Now you know that I really don't know how he feels about this amazing new construction community south of Charlotte, North Carolina. But I know how I feel! And that is expressed in this Choice Carolina Homes YouTube video tour. Bonterra Builders, Essex Homes, MI Homes, and Pulte are all building out Millbridge in an amazing way, and that Millbridge neighborhood broker's tour "New Home Construction in Millbridge - Waxhaw NC 28173" is here. But hey, don't miss what is right here in front of us as we tour a very cool home that Bonterra Builders built. Yes, it's all sold and someone's enjoying it, but Bonterra has a new section in Millbridge that is worth taking a look at. And you might even see Justin Bieber walking across the only covered bridge that crosses Twelve Mile Creek - that's the Millbridge! So, head on over to where I've got...

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