Ways Your Mom Lied to You About New Homes with Basements - Video

Love your mom, really I do. But let's face it -- she may have lied to you about new homes with basements. How? Well, did she ever say:

1- You can't get a new home with a basement!
2- You could never afford a new home with a basement!
3- If you buy a new home with a basement, I will never visit the grandchildren.

New Construction Home with a Basement under $330,000

Now that you've seen the outside of this gorgeous (and affordable) new construction home in Mint Hill NC with a finished basement, let's go inside. My colleague Chris is a new home salesperson representing the builder and she walks us through all three levels of living. By the way, it costs you no more to have me represent you and you don't save money by not having a Realtor®. Call/Text 704-345-3400 and as the Staples Singers sang,  "I'll take you there".

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