What Experts are Saying About Radon Gas in Fort Mill and Charlotte - Video

What experts are saying about radon gas in Fort Mill and Charlotte is that radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the natural decay of uranium found in most soils. As a real estate agent practicing in the greater Charlotte NC metro area, including Fort Mill and Tega Cay SC, I encourage my clients to test for radon gas. In fact, this YouTube video of a radon mitigation in Fort Mill, South Carolina is on a new construction ranch style home and shows how easy and inexpensive it is to mitigate for radon gas.

Radon Testing in Charlotte NC and Fort Mill SC

Radon specialists in Charlotte NC know about radon levels and testing, as well as a proper mitigation. Not long ago, my next door neighbor did radon testing in Charlotte 28277 and when he found radon gas levels that were unacceptable, had it mitigated. As my specialty is new home construction, I have found many buyers unaware and incredulous that their new construction home could have radon levels that could cause lung cancer. And the truth is that the "tighter" a home is, with new homes becoming more and more energy efficient, the more likely that radon gas coming up from the soil is likely to remain in your home. Here's why. Radon typically comes up through the ground, into your home through cracks in the foundation. Your home traps radon inside, where it can build up. Radon can infiltrate your home through cracks or gaps in the floor, construction joints, cracks in the walls, gaps around other service pipes, and so on.

Radon Inspection Specialists near Charlotte NC

Radon testing is inexpensive and just plain smart. You can perform a self-test, using a Lowe's or Home Depot test kit. Or spend less than $200 having a home inspector in the greater Charlotte and Fort Mill area perform a 48 hour radon test in your home. When my next door neighbor installed a radon mitigation system, I decided to have my home tested, too. My home built on a crawl space (with a complete encapsulation) showed acceptable low levels of radon gas, while his basement home needed mitigation right next door. Why not start with this EPA Citizen's Radon Guide to protect you and your family here>

So, if you're considering buying a home in the greater Charlotte NC - Fort Mill SC area, as a real estate professional, I will encourage you to spend a few bucks for the peace of mind in knowing whether your new home has radon gas coming into your home. One inspector that our firm likes is Home Inspection Carolina, who says, "The average level of radon and most North Carolina and South Carolina homes near Charlotte is 1.3 pCi/L. and the outside air is about .o4 pCi/L; radon mitigation in most homes can be reduced it to a level of lower than 2.0 pCi/L." To see my YouTube real estate video from another local inspection company, Howdy Home Inspections, called "Home Inspection for New Construction Home Necessary?" it is here>

Bottom line of what experts are saying about radon gas in Fort Mill and Charlotte? It makes sense to reduce your risk of lung cancer by lowering your homes' radon level. Check Angie's List for local radon gas testing specialists and mitigation firms.

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