Why Charlotte is the Perfect Destination for Families - Video

Relocating to Charlotte?

One of the most common reasons for buying a home or relocating to a different one is that couples want to start a family, grow their existing one, or simply find a location that will enable them to raise their children in the best possible environment. And then there's that thriving job market here in the Charlotte area.

Some choices are obvious: they choose a house over an apartment, and the suburbs over the city, because of the extra space, the fresh air, and the sense of community. When it comes to the dream locations you want to move to, Charlotte should be at the top of your list.

A great sense of community

What a place like Charlotte has over a big city is the strong sense of community. When you move here, you know what you’re going to get: a tight-knit local community that feels like a family. Not only is the city safe, but it’s also fun, welcoming, and inclusive of everyone. And then there are the many small towns that surround the greater Charlotte area, like Matthews.

From fun weekly events to picnics in the park or summer parties, there is always something going on meant to give everyone the opportunity to relax and bring the neighborhood together, big and small. This is the kind of thing kids remember fondly from their childhood, the late summer evenings when they ran around with their neighborhood friends, catching fireflies. That’s just not something you can get anywhere else.

Generous local amenities

The great thing about Charlotte is that there are a lot of family-friendly suburbs, but you’re not completely cut off from the city and its amenities and benefits. That actually makes it a popular destination for young families who work from home. 

You get all the benefits of living in a safe, tranquil neighborhood and raising your kids in the fresh air with a yard to run around in, but you can also get great public transportation and a thriving local business scene. Whether you need to work out of a coffee shop or have some fun at the arcade, you’ll find everything you need close-by. My hundreds of YouTube videos in Fort Mill demonstrate that.

Groceries come fresh from the numerous farmer’s markets present in and around the city, and the big one - Charlotte Regional Farmers Market. From fruit to vegetables, to a variety of meats, the community farmers are looking out for you and your family and making sure you have plenty of options for a healthy diet. Any my favorite niche grocer in NC's own The Fresh Market.

City living for suburban prices

One of the primary criteria people take into consideration when making a move is the cost of living. Ideally, you’d be able to move somewhere with a lower cost of living, thus ensuring your family’s financial security.

Charlotte has a cost of living index of 99/100, and while that may not seem that great at first, it will soon become clear why that’s an advantage. Considering the cost of living in comparable cities, living in Charlotte is a bargain. Not only will you not be paying above national average costs for anything, but you’ll actually be saving money of transportation, utilities like electricity, cable, and high-speed internet, and even groceries. When you’re feeding a family, every penny counts.

More space for less money

Home affordability also factors into the decision in a big way, and it’s only natural – we all want a home as big as possible, but as affordable as possible, in a nice area. And that’s what Charlotte has to offer. The median family home price is on par with the national average, and even a bit under, and it's even possible to purchase a new home in the $300s. And a lot of folks relocating to Charlotte are choosing the small towns surrounding Charlotte, like Fort Mill, South Carolina. So, with lots of these suburbs so close to the city, you’re living a city life with all the advantages and not the downsides.

A thriving job market

We all want to offer our kids a better life, so a lot of moves are motivated by financial reasons and job opportunities. No matter how beautiful a place may be, you don’t want to move somewhere with scarce jobs, because that puts your ability to provide for your family at risk.

In that respect, North Carolina is a safe bet, and Charlotte has generous employment offers, particularly in the healthcare, finance, and STEM industries, with competitive salaries and benefits. We all tend to go where the jobs are and isn’t it great when it’s also a wonderful place to live? Science, Technology, Engineering, Math makes the world go-'round and as a major banking hub, Charlotte's got the jobs!

A quality education

Of course, for families, the quality of education and the school districts, specifically, are high on the priority list. Charlotte has no shortage of excellent schools, private or public, for every age group. With a graduation rate four times higher than the national average, the quality of the education here is nothing to scoff at. GreatSchools.org is a great resource to check local school ratings.

But children don’t just learn at school, they also benefit from cultural and academic activities. Nurture your children’s passion for science with fun activities at the local museums, or take them to the park to enjoy theatre and music at the annual festivals held here, in town. Check out Discovery Place, Discovery Place Kids, and Discovery Place Science.

Plenty of activities for children

An ideal area for families is one that offers a wealth of activities, after-school programs, and even employment opportunities for children and teenagers. Formal education is extremely important, but nurturing and supporting their talents, passions, and skills is also essential.

From that point of view, Charlotte is a winner. There are local clubs and camps that offer children a variety of activities to fill their time with, so they’re well looked after and having fun. And you can even join in on the activities, if you’re looking for something to enjoy together, as a family.

A return to nature

Parents often prioritize towns where they can acquaint their kids with nature. That’s one of the major downsides of living in a city, you just don’t get many opportunities to spend time in the fresh air, prying the kids away from screens.

Charlotte offers a lot of fun, exciting activities to enjoy together as a family in nature. There’s a major water center that offers activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, zip-lining, hiking, and even paddleboarding. All ages are welcome.

Even pets have a great time here – just ask Jack the Real Estate Dog! There are plenty of dog parks around, so you’re never too far away from a place your four-legged friend can run around free and have fun. There are even events for dogs taking place every year if you’re really invested in your pup’s entertainment.

Diverse local entertainment

And speaking of fun and community events, you’ll be happy to hear that Charlotte is serious about its commitment to year-round entertainment and showing everyone a good time. There is a strong sports culture that you can enjoy year-round with the family – both competitive and friendly! – including football, but also sports like roller derby, lacrosse, or NASCAR. Right, the Charlotte Motor Speedway is in nearby Concord and the NASCAR Hall of Fame is in Uptown Charlotte.

In the summer, waterparks and outdoor activities abound, but if the weather is not on your side, you can still enjoy yourself with indoor go-karts, like Victory Lane Indoor Karting, as well as and other kids’ centers. Living in Charlotte, North Carolina could be just what you're looking for.

What’s the bottom line?

The landscape is changing in the United States, and more and more families are looking for areas that meet all of their requirements, including a low cost of living, high-quality education, safe communities, and great jobs. Is that impossible to find in one place?

Thankfully not – Charlotte meets all those needs and more. It’s an up-and-coming city that welcomes everyone and where families get the best of both worlds – all the benefits of a safe suburb and all the convenience and excitement of the city. Plus, we're close to the mountains (think Asheville) and close to those lovely Carolina beaches.

This article was written by Teresa Bennett of Broadband Search and REALTOR® Roger Holloway of ProStead Realty.

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