Why I'm Thankful For The Manna (Not Just The Turkey)

Hey, the turkey is the turkey and I'm looking forward to my portion today. Yes, I am thankful which is an important attribute as we live this life. The attitude of gratitude is what I've been speaking to my new office manager about. The fact that she is grateful for her job and all the new skills she's learning, makes me appreciate her all the more. And hey, she is my granddaughter as well! And I am extremely grateful for her help in my real estate business. And I look beyond my gratitude to her and thank God for His provision of her to me.

But, what is The Manna? Is it a rock n roll band? Is it a menu item or an appetizer? What is it? Well "what is it?" is exactly the right question, because that's exactly what the word "manna" means! The manna is a real picture of God's provision to His people. He used a supernatural provision of manna six days a week to feed and sustain His people in the wilderness. Plus, there was plenty left over for the day of rest. And when Jesus put manna in perspective by saying "It was not Moses who gave you the bread from heaven, but it is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven", He reveals God the Father as the true Provider that He is.

The real estate market in Charlotte is hot right now, but it hasn't always been. We all suffered from the downturn and some say another one is coming. But through it all, I am grateful for a heavenly Father who knows what I have need of and Who is my Provider. The very word Provider means He sees ahead and sees to it! And I am thankful on this Thanksgiving Day for His provision.

I dare you to enjoy this song from Elevation Worship (local church in Charlotte with a global impact). 

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