Why is Trilogy Lake Norman NC so famous?

Why is Trilogy Lake Norman NC so famous? Well, Shea Homes’ Active Adult division has built a number of Trilogy resort-style communities across the West and Southwest (and now in the Southeast), but there’s a bigger question. Can I understand the vibe of their resort-style retirement community by just searching online? Or do I need to get down there to experience it for myself?

What does Trilogy mean?

What does the word Trilogy mean, anyway? The word denotes a series of three closely-related dramas or three songs on a single theme. So think about it. Their marketing team has us all asking where’s the Right Place, when is the Right Time, and who are the Right People that I want to live out my life with, post-retirement? Three questions, three themes, one correct answer (for you). And maybe they all weave together into three songs! A trilogy.

A series of three closely-related dramas on a single theme.
As a real estate agent here in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area, I get the honor of helping folks get the answers to those questions. Talk about fun. Folks like you have already met me through my YouTube videos, like the client in this REALTOR® review video "Moving from New York? How To Find a REALTOR® in Charlotte NC".  And once you travel to Charlotte and we spend time together at the various 55+ places, the light goes on! You discover the answers you need so that when you’re ready to retire and relocate South, you’re ready.

Right Place, Right Time, Right People

I had this happen recently when an interesting couple came for a few days to see what it might be like to live in the Charlotte NC area once they finally retire. They actually stayed on-site at Trilogy Lake Norman in their Join the Movement discovery stay. That first day, they were absolutely amazed by the community as well as the sense of community. So the next day, in an effort to “make sure” by eliminating the other 55+ retirement communities here (we have five big 55+ Active Adult neighborhoods), we spent the morning at Lennar’s Imagery on Mountain Island Lake. Talk about “muddying the water”! Even though Imagery on Mtn Isl Lake is really just getting traction with a few dozen residents, they loved a lot of things about the homes, lots, and location.

Is this the Right Time?

 As we had lunch at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in Birkdale Village down the road, I suggested they give themselves a day or two to finalize their decision. So they slept on it and they were still staying at Trilogy’s guest house! They woke up and just knew that the answer to their question of where to retire lied in that big three. That trilogy of where’s the Right Place, when is the Right Time, and who are the Right People?

I would love to be your Buyer’s Agent as you search for the right place, right time, and the right people. It’s funny, that I’ve had a number of YouTube subscribers who’ve come down to Charlotte just to check it out for the first time. One from Cape Cod and one from Dayton, who both told me that they weren’t ready to buy. But when they discovered a 55+ Active Adult community and a wooded lot that they loved, they both bought on their first trip to Charlotte. One couple bought in Del Webb Carolina Orchards, another in Treetops by Lennar. Wow!

What did the Doctor say?

Now, I don’t push and don’t really care when you buy. Only you can answer the question of when is the right time. As Dr. John sang about the right place and the right time, you may have the right place, but it could be the wrong time. Only you can sort that out; I’m here to serve your best interests as you seek your own three closely-related trilogy songs of right place, right people, right time. So call me with your answer to the question, “Why is Trilogy Lake Norman NC so famous?”

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