Why McCullough Homes are Cooler than Michael Jordan - Saturday Update Video

Hey - I'm in Michael Jordan territory, here in Charlotte, North Carolina. And when I promise to explain why McCullough homes are cooler than him, I simply meant to get your attention. So, here we go. The streetscape may remind of you of Saussy Burbank and Evans Coghill homes for sale in Riverwalk Rock Hill SC not far away.  Why?  Because both subdivisions have made a huge effort at bringing style and functionality back - beginning with the stunning architectural design.

Three Story New Home under $400,000

This quick video tour doesn't even make it to the 3rd level, with a Bonus Room and full bath. Why not go with me this weekend to see this home and see if it's right for you? Call/Text 704-345-3400 and we'll get started!

As you'll soon see in this Choice Carolina Homes YouTube video tour, McCullough from John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods stands the test of time. Now, several years old, this remarkable subdivision is continuing the legacy you would expect from them. It's not just building homes, it's building neighborhoods that counts. As you'll see in this community video tour of McCullough, we begin at the Amenity Center (pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, playground, and more) and move through this amazing "Front Porch" neighborhood.

By the way, as you take this neighborhood tour with me of McCullough, notice the alley and detached rear-load garage setup. So nice to not be starting at the garage doors on most of these John Wieland Homes, and instead to have the garage in the rear. Better yet -- as you'll see in the community video tour -- there are options for living space above the garage. How cool would it be to have your hobby room, your pottery studio, your office space above the garage? Now you will probably agree with me that these homes at McCullough are at least as cool as Michael Jordan!

By the way, to show you how important I think this neighborhood is, when you do a Choice Carolina Homes YouTube search query for McCullough, you'll see how many real estate video tours I've devoted to them. I love McCullough and think you will, too!

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